About us

About us

History and Heritage

The Abdullah family started the jewellery business in 1907, the time where craftsmanship, culture and innovation became a tradition. The passion to create modern and traditional jewellery designs to the region unifies the four (4) generations for over hundred years. In 1955, the journey began in Dubai – United Arab Emirates with the Late Mohammad Taher Abdullah Almohtadi where he established a jewellery business with a Goldsmith Shop, which he passed on to his sons, Tawfique, Tawhid and Tamjid Abdullah in the mid 70s.

In 1979, the 3rd generation of the Abdullah family started Damas as a single retail jewellery shop to an international fashion jewellery giant covering nineteen countries and five sub continents from which they exited in 2013.

The Group

The group has now grown into a well-diversified consortium, with a strong presence in jewellery, real estate and investments, having a dedicated team of more than 500 members from different nationalities.

Jawhara Jewellery® – Jewellers since 1907

In 2014 the three brothers introduced a new brand “Jawhara Jewellery”. As a gold and diamond jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of 18k, 21k and 22karat. Today Jawhara Jewellery® is a registered brand with the fastest growing Emarati jewellery stores in the region with over 60 outlets and with a target of twice the stores by 2020. As a regional family business with trusted value, heritage and tradition are characteristic in every creation of the household jewellery brand, from the highly innovative, novel designs to the care and precision accorded to each place.

About Jawhara Jewellery

Jawhara Jewellery® – Jewellers since 1907 With extensive knowledge and decades of jewellery business experience, Jawhara as an Emarati Jewellery company was born out of the notion that jewellery should resonate with the wearer’s innermost desires. Jawhara began with traditional and modern jewellery designs with unique beauty and quality. This belief is reflected in every creation of the brand, from the highly innovative, novel designs to the care and precision accorded to each place. Made for the modern young woman, Jawhara epitomizes the youth, while celebrating the different nuances of the region. All the collections are conceived, created and developed by a team of skilled in-house and international jewellers known for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Our designs are manufactured and responsibly sourced from the best international alliances located in Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India, Bahrain and Lebanon. Jawhara travels the world to offer unconventional, trendy and stylish jewellery that complements the youth as a leading jewellery wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer of 18k, 21k and 22k supported by a network of over 60 outlets in the region.

Our Mission

To be a trendsetter of traditional and modern jewellery designs with unique beauty, quality and value for money. To sustain continuous customer trust and satisfaction with the support of a dedicated team. Continuously commit to the society we serve.

Our Values


We recognize the importance of our people;
  • We remain result oriented, energetic and focused on rewarding performance and promoting ability.
  • We are empowered by our team with motivation to serve and drive to perform.
  • We provide employees with a professional development environment and we grow together to achieve corporate goals.


We are customer-driven;
  • We deliver more than we promise, making every customer interaction a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  • We continuously strive to earn customer loyalty through honesty, respect and professionalism.
  • We believe in serving and giving back to the community.

Business Partners

Our aim;
  • To achieve a sustainable business relationship with our alliances.
  • To go above and beyond our commitments and actively seek opportunities to excel in what we do.


  • We are inspired by our products and make conscious effort to think, create and innovate.
  • We provide traditional and stylish jewellery designs that complement the youth in the region.
  • We deliver an extensive range of responsibly sourced jewellery.

Jewellery - Segment

Gold jewellery

Headquartered in the heart of the jewellery industry, the Gold Souk in Dubai, Jawhara is bringing its own inimitable language to the world of gold jewellery. We offer a wide range of collections in 18k, 21k and 22karat gold. Jawhara Jewellery® is the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for wholesalers and retailers. All jewellery designs are specifically and exclusively created to cater for all region communities.

Diamond jewellery

Over time, we have built several strategic international manufacturing alliances in the diamond jewellery arena. With exciting, creative design capabilities and cutting-edge technology, we create innovative diamond jewellery collections to serve the high demand in the region with products ranging from bridal to highfashion designs. Our team has deep knowledge of regional trends, customer needs and work closely with wholesalers and retailers to understand their requirements, share market information with support to provide custom-made solutions. The professional team at Jawhara Jewellery®, is equipped to handle a diverse set of requirements ranging from committed sales to ‘make-to-order’ as well as provide assistance in inventory optimisation and merchandising

The Jewellery Retail

Today Jawhara Jewellery is the fastest growing Emarati jewellery store in the region with over 60 outlets and with a target of twice the stores by 2020. Retail outlets are conveniently located in almost all major shopping malls and outstanding landmarks in the UAE. Each shop is exclusively designed and fitted to blend with the surroundings

In-House Brands

Our in house brands collection come in 18k and 21k with a composition of diamond, pearl and precious stone. All jewellery designs are specifically and exclusively created to cater for all region communities and are customized per customer’s preference. Our collection display traditional and modern trends ranging from bridal to high-fashion designs.

Jawhara Goldsmith Manufacturing

Jawhara Goldsmiths are truly passionate and dedicated to their line of duty, ensuring quality and efficient turnaround, putting us ahead of the competition. Our Goldsmiths stretch the boundaries of personal jewellery creation, design, repair and remodeling. We transpire and transform thoughts and ideas into reality as long as it is related to jewellery. We aim to nourish innovation in the jewellery value chain from concept to product development through a team of creative individuals in the jewellery field.

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