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Platinum Evara
A celebration of you

In the journey of life, Platinum Evara Jewellery is designed to be a grand celebration of you. You, who is confident, sophisticated, special, and more. You, whose actions, thoughts, choices speak volumes about all that you are. Unique in your own way, truly one-of-a-kind you are one in a million. This very essence is beautifully & tastefully embodied by Platinum Evara, being crafted in extraordinary platinum, a metal that’s as rare because it’s born of the stars! Making it worthy of celebrating all that’s extraordinary, YOU!

Platinum Evara Collection

Jewellery crafted in extraordinary & pristine white platinum, a metal with a timeless and unique appeal making it an epitome of elegance.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Meets Timeless Glamour

Introducing our Platinum Tassel Splendour Necklace, a symphony of sophistication and modern elegance. Designed to mirror your grace and confidence with which you carry yourself. This exquisite necklace features a cascade of diamonds and rubies, impeccably crafted in pure platinum. A metal that endures and is unchanging, holding and symbolizing all things that are truly precious – much like you.

Elegance Redefined in Oval Brilliance

Introducing our Oval Radiance Solitaire Set—a coming together of simplicity and timeless beauty. Designed with captivating diamonds to be an epitome of elegance. This exquisite ensemble, featuring a choker, matched earrings, ring, and bracelet, is crafted to adorn you! you who sets yourself apart by simply being true to your own sense of style. Made with platinum, a metal that’s born of the stars and truly extraordinary, this ensemble is an ideal match for a woman as remarkable as you are.

An Ode to Everlasting Grace

Introducing our Enchanting Starlink Necklace—a unique creation that is fusion of minimal, stylish, flowy beads and links that seamlessly come together to exude fine understated luxury. Beautifully combining platinum’s pristine white with warmth of rose gold these long chain necklaces make for an unmatched expression of style, one that is yours to own. Crafted in enduring platinum, it is a testament to refined craftsmanship that delivers enduring style.

Elegance in Motion

Introducing our Elegance in motion Hoop Earrings—a charming blend of platinum and rose gold with a hoop silhouette set with dazzling diamonds. These earrings are graceful and stylish all at once, syncing beautifully with your every move. Making each step you take notice-worthy and a statement of you! Set with dazzling diamonds, these earrings are more than accessories; they're a celebration of fluidity and timeless beauty.

A Mesmerising Symmetry of Precious Hues in Platinum

Introducing our Alluring Iridescence Gemstone Necklace —a breathtaking fusion of platinum and the vibrant hues of rubies, sapphire, and emerald gemstones adding a touch of mystique and brilliance. A mesmerising expression of your many wonderful facets at play, each making you so unique and one of a kind. Made in platinum, a metal that’s the rarest of precious metals, its symbolic of the incredible woman you are.